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A Lifecycle Check-up at Cole Motor Group can help you understand when it would be financially beneficial to consider changing or upgrading your vehicle

Our team at Cole Motor Group understand that owning a vehicle is a big investment and we want you to be able to get the most out of it.

As our lives change so can our vehicle needs. That is why we believe it is important to be aware of your vehicles current value and future costs, leaving you better informed on when it is financially beneficial to act.

If you have questions like; I have had my car for a few years now:

  • What's my Vehicle worth?
  • Does my vehicle still meet my needs?
  • When is it the best time to change my vehicle?
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We’re on hand to help.

Our lifecycle check-up is a no obligation consultation, where we look at your current and future circumstances to provide you with a personalised report to help answer some of these questions and help you to make informed decisions.

Decisions, where you can choose to:

  • Do nothing because you are ok.
  • Get prepared, for your ongoing warranty & service, and (if applicable) financial costs.
  • Discuss your options for exchanging your vehicle for a like-for-like model swap, for a low or no additional cost.
  • Or get ready for life’s next set of adventures, with a completely new model.
Cole Motor Group

For peace of mind, speak to our team about our lifecycle check-up today.

Understanding when it is the best time to change your vehicle can be confusing. Our Lifecycle Check-up is designed to help you understand where your vehicle is at in its lifecycle. This includes your vehicle’s residual value, projected future costs (once capped price servicing expires), as well as current vehicle repayments. With this information, we can help you decide when the most financially beneficial time to consider changing or upgrading may be.

Our team can provide you with your current and future changeover value, expected costs of service and maintenance costs outside of the capped price program, and if your vehicle is financed with us, we can review your loan maturity options.

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Cole Motor Group

We will also provide you with a valuation and changeover price.

Interested? Here are a few ways we can organise a vehicle Lifecycle check-up for your vehicle.

  • At your next service (usually carried out at either the 5th or 6th service)
  • Contact us to organise an appointment for a consultation
  • Just pop in, we are here to help

For peace of mind, enquire about a lifecycle check-up today.

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